The truth is

The truth is, we all know this is wrong.

The truth is, evil exists.

The truth is, history repeats itself. Economists, historians, and philosophers predicted this type of environment with this type of leader cycling back to the present.

The truth is, for Christians (like me), we know that evil has already been conquered in the end – BUT, it doesn’t mean we are bystanders.

The truth is, there is a difference between being peacekeepers and peacemakers.

The truth is, we are called by Christ to seek justice by loving the marginalized.

The truth is, we are also called to love our neighbor, which, in this case is who we would call the enemy.

The truth is, I don’t know how to do that. Which is why we must pray to ask how. But we know how to take care of the marginalized. We don’t need to pray about that.

The truth is, I catch myself being prejudiced in tiny moments, and I am trying to erase that instinct. I don’t know where it came from, I was not brought up that way.

The truth is, it’s in those small moments that things will change.

The truth is, I should have pushed back at the woman during the neighborhood picnic when she said she likes this neighborhood because it’s not as ‘ethnic’ and therefore there is less crime.

The truth is, I should have (somehow, ethically) pushed back at my greatest-generation, white, rural farmer hospice patient when he said it’s too bad more ‘blacks’ didn’t follow the way of Nat King Cole and instead ‘got into all the drugs’ and could have done better for themselves.

The truth is, we ALL can do better, and it takes effort.

The truth is, if we (as Christians) didn’t see this coming, we have not been paying attention to the world around us.

The truth is, there will ALWAYS be situations like this. We should expect them and be prepared.

The truth is, we need to look at our priorities when it comes to where we live, what schools our kids go to, what events we choose to invest in, what businesses we buy from, and who we interact with.

The truth is, we could all use some time outside of our comfort zones.

The truth is, I wrote this post to myself.


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