Max: A Tribute

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 3.45.55 PMMax is my car. A 2005 Mazda 6, to be exact. Dark gray, although I swear it looks green. This week I will make my last car payment and Maxie will be mine!! This post is dedicated to him.

I bought Max from Carmax in Springfield, VA, and while you may guess I named him after where I bought him, Max is actually named after a person – my piano teacher in college, Maxim Mogilevsky. That’s really his name. I named my car after my piano teacher Max because “he gets me where I need to go.” Max was an awesome piano teacher and was great in leading my piano performance life during undergrad.

In 5 years, I’ve lived under 4 roofs in 3 states. When I bought Max, I was working full-time in an office and teaching piano lessons part-time. In fact, the reason I bought Max was because it was getting more expensive to rent Zipcars for my lessons than make a car payment. In the time I’ve had Max, I quit those two jobs, moved out of DC to Winchester for grad school, spent 2 1/2 years there, moved to Ohio for my internship, and then moved to Iowa for my job.

When I bought Max, he had 29,000 miles on him. Now he has 117,000. That is mainly due to my job (and internship) that has me driving 300-500 miles a week. Also, Max drove me over the mountains several times from Virginia to Ohio and back – 500 miles one way. And then of course the 12 hour trek to Iowa.

Max (and I) lived without air conditioning for the first 3 1/2 years I had him. Not because it was actually broken, but because the electrical in the console was loose and the button to turn on the A/C was broken. No joke. I lost count of how many know-it-all wannabe mechanics told me it was the air conditioning itself, but I knew it was the button.

The air conditioning-less years included 3 summers of driving in DC rush hour traffic to my piano lessons, many times in 90+ degrees with who knows how much humidity. I finally broke down and paid for a new console two summers ago and ohmygoodnesshowdidIlastsolongwithoutit??? 

Max also got me through the most ridiculously awful winter of my life last year right when I first moved to Iowa. Lots of white knuckling it and prayers of thanks when I finally got home.

Max has seen lots of DC traffic, lots of farm vehicles, one ditch, and only a couple cops 🙂 This may sound corny, but my real connection happened with Max the summer before I started grad school. I had just quit my jobs and was preparing for school. I had zero money and I ran away to Ohio to live off my family for a couple months, financially and emotionally. It was a really hard transition, but I had one constant – my car. Everything was changing but I still had Maxie. Familiar, reliable, unchanging.

Now? Max is my office, my lunch room, my haven. I spend more waking hours in my car than anywhere else at this moment. So, thanks Max! You mean more to me than you know! Here’s to another 5-10-15 years!?

Your (almost!) owner, Sarah

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