Devotions for June, Entry 27 {plan}

Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets. Amos 3:7


I don’t think Amos was very popular. But messengers of bad tidings usually aren’t. The context of this passage concerns God’s warning to Israel that He’s tired of their evil ways and is going to punish them justly. So basically He’s saying, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

This statement really struck me. Because one of humanity’s great frustrations is that we can’t see the future. This verse goes against that a little. Some people might say that this verse doesn’t count now because it’s in the Old Testament and Jesus etc. but I’m not sure. Let’s jump into the difference between pre-Jesus and post-Jesus plan revealing…

Back then, most people did not have a direct connection to God. The Holy Spirit only rested on a particular person for a short period of time to complete a holy task. The way God communicated with His people was to speak through the prophets. We won’t get into the obvious problem that the people didn’t listen to or believe the prophets most of the time.

So then Jesus came and said, you don’t have to rely on the Prophets anymore! I am a direct line of communication to God because I am God. Once I break the barrier of sin forever, you’ll be able to talk to him 24/7 through the Holy Spirit, huzzah! (I’m pretty sure those were his exact words.)

Cut to the chase Sarah. Ok. If we have a direct connection to God, why do we never go to Him first when we’re concerned about the future? We have a serious advantage over the pre-Jesus people. We roll our eyes at the seemingly blind Old Testament Israelites and don’t realize we’re worse!

I acknowledge that some events/circumstances cannot be predicted and aren’t always preceded by ‘warning’, but I can say that God has revealed His plan to us – you and me, now, today – through a prophet: Jesus. The difference is, while God only revealed a section at a time of his plan for the Israelites, we have the whole thing! We know it from beginning to end. How’s that for foresight.

But then what about the day-to-day decisions? How do we know what to do? Perhaps if we continually focus on the big picture (Jesus coming back, eternal life) our daily decisions will become easier. Someone once told me, “always look at the situation with a heavenly background.” It’s not natural for us to think that way because we are human and therefore look inward constantly. But if we train ourselves to see the whole picture (by keeping that line of communication open with God), we may start to evolve. I think if we did this, a lot of fear and anxiety would disappear from this world.

p.s. Poor Amos.


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