Devotions for June, Entry 23 {weary}

Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28


I decided to write devotions for June because I knew this month was going to be difficult to get through and I wanted to stay focused on God through it all. Well, it’s been 23 days and I’m feeling weary.

I confess, I’m tired of writing these devotionals. The circumstances in which I chose to write these have taken their toll and I’m worn out. Not just physically. That would be an easy fix. I’m worn out emotionally and spiritually. I’m scraping bottom. And instead of looking forward to writing another post, I whine that I forgot, again, and have to stay up late to finish.

But I’ll keep going – because I don’t want to give up. it felt okay to be honest though.

I have an emotionally draining job, and I interact with people constantly, including meeting new people on a weekly basis. The nature of my work leaves me alone most of the day, either doing one-on-one sessions with clients or driving. And the people who mean the most to me are very far away. I am grateful for the small community where I live, but I’m usually so worn out after a days work that I just want to veg at home.

Geez, Debby Downer. And on a Monday morning too. Here’s the good part.

All I have to do – all you have to do, if you feel like me – is give it to God. Just give it to him. Stop trying to power through on your own. You will burnout. Once I thought it was ungrateful to complain to God about my hashtag first world problems, but you know what? Everyone’s in a different place in their lives, and everyone matters to God.

Jesus wants you to come to him. He will give you rest. It might seem better at first to keep your burdens. Less risky, more control. But the moment you realize most things are out of your control, and also, that God’s plan for your life is much bigger than your problems, you will be at peace.

So join me in giving it to God – my loneliness, my uncertainty, my guilt, my insufficiency.

And He will give you rest.


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