Devotions for June, Entry 17 {focus}

We must pay the most careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away. Hebrews 2:1


I have a terrible time watching sports because I always miss the big moments. Whether it’s football or hockey or last night’s World Cup game between the US and Ghana, it’s inevitable. I missed every goal scored last night. The only sports that I can successfully watch involve 1-2 people: swimming, tennis, volleyball. I think I have a hard time because there’s so much to watch on the screen I don’t know where to look. And it makes me lose interest.

This Bible verse comes out of a passage where the author first sets apart Jesus from the prophets, and then takes a long time explaining how Jesus is above the angels. I do not know the cultural context surrounding this message, why this idea had to be driven into the peoples’ minds, Jesus being above the angels. But you know whenever there’s a therefore in scripture, there has been a paradigm shift.

What I do know about this culture is that the Law and the Prophets were well known by the Jews. Everybody knew all the stories. They had to put all of that behind them and focus on Jesus now. He was it.

It’s like comparing football to tennis. Instead of a bunch of guys (Prophets or angels) up against another bunch of guys (enemies of Israel, self-centered Israelites, greedy kings, etc) it’s just Jesus. Up against sin.

I think sometimes we like distraction because it intentionally keeps us from the real truth. Many times we are pulled to countless stimuli during the times when we are trying to focus on that one thing. A paper, a report, the person sitting next to you. Jesus.

If you keep focusing on the chaos, you might miss the big plays. But when you have focus on the real truth you won’t miss a thing.

p.s. good game USA 🙂


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