31 things

I’ve had roughly 39 ideas for a blog post in the past few months and none of them have come to fruition. So instead of pulling and prodding one of them to stretch into a profound yet witty post, I’m just going to list a bunch of things I’ve learned or discovered recently. Some of these are new ideas, some are old realizations that came back to the surface.

1. Windy Iowa and bangs don’t work well together.

2. Iowa, just like many other US states, has all four seasons in the month of April.

3. Cooking is fun and really not as hard or time consuming as I used to think it was.

4. As long as you keep up with the dishes!

5. Apple TV is the greatest thing of all time.

6. I like the Cheers years with Diane and Coach more than the later ones with Rebecca and Woody, although Woody has some killer lines.

7. Sometimes the pearl of wisdom I need on a given day will manifest itself during one of my music therapy sessions, and often comes out of my own mouth as I relate it to a patient’s situation.

8. Which is a little sad considering they are dying and I am not.

9. Use a hair catcher in the shower. Take my word for it…

10. The second best part about journaling is getting your thoughts down after a long day.

11. The best part about journaling is going back and reading old posts and confirming, once again, that you are silly and a dork.

12. I don’t get people who don’t like to watch movies. Because…movies! Come on!

13. I feel like I’m getting older because I actually almost regret not going outside on the rare nice weather days.

14. Pedicures are worth the reluctant sense of luxury. Even if the person giving you the pedi is not friendly.

15. I don’t miss being a high school student. Or a college student.

16. Running does not feel natural to me. But it clears my head better than anything else.

17. But it’s SO HARD to get up and do it. Harder than getting out of bed.

18. It’s SO HARD to get out of bed.

19. Sometimes loneliness is not allowing yourself to embrace solitude.

20. Sometimes loneliness is simply loneliness.

21. There’s nothing like a nice fresh glass of orange juice.

22. There’s something brave about letting a tear run down your cheek.










23. Children are treasures. Don’t waste time when you’re with them.

24. There’s nothing better than holding a sleeping baby.

25. Except maybe a glass of wine. And some Ghirardelli squares.

26. The best part of the day is lying back on your pillow right before you turn out the light.

27. Change is hard.

28. Change is harder when you’re going through it with people who take it harder than you.

29. But I don’t blame them.

30. When you feel God is distant, check to see if it’s you or Him that’s moved away.

31. Lists are so BuzzFeed.


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