Two months in!

Today starts month 3, or week 9, of my internship. At the end of this month I will go through the mid-term evaluation, where my supervisors will watch my sessions for a week and thoroughly evaluate my music therapy. Yikes!

Things are starting to get into a routine now, if there is such a thing. What that really means is I’ve learned to start the week with a certain schedule and by the end of the week, that schedule has completely changed. That becomes the norm because, well, people die.

That sounds awful, I know, but it’s literally true (and I’m correctly using the word literally here). When I get word that a certain patient has died, I find myself responding in different ways. If the quality of life for the patient was really bad and they were ready and their caregivers were exhausted, then it’s a feeling of relief when you hear they’ve died. The spouse will finally get to sleep, the patient is no longer in pain. Sometimes the death is a shock, even though the patient is in hospice. I might have seen the patient one or two days before and they didn’t seem close to death. Sometimes a patient is admitted to hospice and they die within hours of being admitted.

Some patients are discharged, due to stability or even improvement. A lot of times it’s hard on the patient because we provided a good support system for them and now it will be gone, just like that. But Medicare won’t pay for someone to be in hospice if they don’t show signs of being terminal.

On a personal note, I just had a very quiet, peaceful weekend that was a long time coming. I hadn’t had a weekend where I slept in my bed the whole weekend since before my internship started. I’ve slept in tents, bunks, on couches, and in the camper. I actually slept in, which was only until 8. I can’t believe 8 is sleeping in for me. Last summer, getting up early was 9 or 10. Oh, how I needed this weekend.

My internship director is on vacation this week so I am on my own except for part of Wednesday and all of Thursday. Today I am singing a couple songs in a short memorial service for a nursing home employee who was killed in a car accident. Our bereavement team worked with the nursing home to plan everything. Pretty cool that we offer support to the community, beyond our patients.

Music update:
Still struggling to learn bar chords.
Still play most everything in G, but playing much more in D now!
I am learning A LOT of Gaither music. Oh my, you should see some of the YouTube videos.
I’m warming up to country. I actually just said that.

Happy Monday!


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