New Normal

***for some reason this didn’t post on its own, so I’m posting it on my lunch break.

Since my last post I drove to Ohio, visited my brother and family, flew to California, played for my step-sister’s wedding, flew home, recovered from jet lag, attended my great aunt’s memorial service, visited another brother and family, and then drove to Winchester and back in 29 hours with my dad, where we loaded up the rest of my boxes and furniture to bring it all to Ohio.

at the Pacific Ocean. Smirk yeah.

at the Pacific Ocean. Smirk yeah.

So now I’m permanently in Ohio temporarily for 6 months. The first thing I did was put my bed together. Yay for IKEA keeping all of their instructions online.

For some reason my bed is “home” to me. I wouldn’t consider myself terribly materialistic, but there are certain things I am very possessive of, and my bed is at the top of the list. Maybe it’s because, being the youngest in the family, I always got hand-me-downs. But this bed (and my dresser, and my dining room table) is mine that I bought with my own money and I’m the only one who’s slept in it. So there.

So I’ve set up my bedroom in my mom’s study similarly to my room in Winchester…dresser just inside the door, night stand to the left of my bed, blue chair in the corner. Because, although I’m surrounded by loving family, I need to feel that part of me is still here in my space in this house. And right now, I feel like me surrounded by my things, for better or worse.

Anywho- my internship started today! In fact, I will have had to set this blog to post on its own because my commute starts at 7 am and I try to post my blog around 9 (when all you real world people get to work and check all your online social media stuff for an hour before you actually start work. I know you all – I did it too.) So as you are reading this, I’ve been up since 5:30 am (wha??) and hopefully I will be able to stay awake through the not-used-to-an-8-and-a-half-hour-day-with-a-30-minute-lunch-break. However:

I am SO ready for routine. Just like a 3 year old, I do my best when I am in a routine. And I think I might start feeling a little less freaked out about the fact that I am back in Ohio after 7 1/2 years and away from my friends in Virginia. Whatevs. I’ve done the crazy life change stuff before, I’ve survived. And this time I’m living with family, so that helps. And it’s only 6 months.

Oh, and also God is totally in control and has my best interest in mind and heart.

Next week, I’ll have the obligatory I FINISHED MY FIRST WEEK post, telling you how I had to use all my “tricks” for staying awake during orientation at 2 pm watching videos about elder abuse. Meanwhile, happy June! (BTW – where did June come from? Wasn’t it, like, April 3 days ago?)


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