Morning Hymn

A couple weeks ago I talked about the simplicity of my nephew’s prayer.

This week, I want to share a prayer written in 1673. It comes out of the book, A Manual of Prayers for the Use of the Scholars of Winchester College. This book, written by Thomas Ken, included “Morning Hymn,” “Evening Hymn,” and “Midnight Hymn.” So who’s Thomas Ken? Well, a guy who wrote hymns. But also…he

  • was born in 1637 in England
  • was put in the Tower of London by James II (he got out eventually)
  • was one of the first people to write hymns with words that were not straight from the Bible, which was extremely controversial at the time.


Thomas Ken wrote the Doxology. Actually, what we know as the Doxology was the final refrain of the three hymns I listed above.

I was drawn to the beauty and practicality of Morning Hymn. It’s not as direct as my nephew’s, but it’s still a pretty simple prayer. To our 21st century language and ears it may seem flowery, but it’s actually quite succinct.

Perhaps this prayer will realign your perspective this morning, friend.

(Since the Doxology is the refrain, you can sing these words to the same tune.)

Morning Hymn

Awake, my soul, and with the sun

Thy daily course of duty run,

Shake off dull sloth, and early rise,

To pay thy morning sacrifice.

Direct, control, suggest, this day,

All I design, or do, or say;

That all my powers, with all their might

In Thy sole glory may unite.


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