Like a Child

This is my nephew. He is 18 months old. I think he might be a hobbit because he eats second breakfast. Which is always someone else’s first breakfast. In this case, it was mine.


My brother’s family prays before meals. The kids know to fold their hands and the older one (4 and a half) can pray her own prayers.

For the little one, they’re teaching him an easy prayer.

Dear Jesus,

Thank you.

We love you.


The other night, the little hobbit and I were alone together and after I set his plate down I said, “We need to pray!” He folded his hands, looked at me, and began, “eer Jeeesuh…”

As my nephew was enjoying his pears, I contemplated on the simplicity of the prayer. It’s really all we need.

Sometimes it’s all we can muster.

I just finished Love Does by Bob Goff. I find his secret is that he keeps his faith simple. It’s just about loving Jesus, trying to live like him, and loving people. That’s it. When something is so simple, it’s easier to take action. That’s when love does.

Simplicity. Perhaps that’s what having faith ‘like a child’ means. It doesn’t mean we are naive or innocent. It means we keep it simple.

Maybe I complicate my faith because I don’t understand it all the time. Maybe I do it because it scares me. Maybe I complicate my faith because I think something so important couldn’t possibly be so simple.

Sometimes, saying the name of Jesus is all I am capable of. Then again, maybe that’s His favorite prayer. Because it’s pure. Raw. Simple and surrendered.

Dear Jesus, thank you. I love you. Amen.


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