To be kind, without making the decision to be kind
Are we predisposed to be kind or unkind?
What determines it? DNA? Parents?
Is kindness an abundance of love and confidence
or an absence of hate and self-centeredness?

Oh, to be able to love all unconditionally without myself getting in the way
This is something to strive for.
Love, something intangible, immeasurable. Yet powerful enough to heal and mend.
Never running out.

Why hold back something that never runs out?
It needs not rationing.
Therefore love. In spite of, despite all
It cools like rain after a fire.

Together, love and kindness. Love the motivator, kindness the expression.
Once it begins, it’s infectious. 
Infectious to brighten someone else’s day. 
Answer a prayer. Give someone faith again.
Prove someone wrong about the world. 

When you don’t feel like it, do it anyway.
It will grab hold of you.
It will grab hold of you.


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