An Introvert’s View on New Years

While I don’t get overly excited about a new year and certainly don’t post some lofty poem about opportunities and seizing the moment and all that crap (sorry, I’m an idealist, not an optimist), I do appreciate the fresh, clean slate feel of January 1. And the inevitability of writing the wrong date for the next month on my checks and documents. Pardon me while I retrain my finger to hit the 3 instead of the 2 on my Macbook.

I’m not resolving to change anything about myself today, as I tend to get into the resolution mood around my birthday and not the end of the calendar year. Rather, I am contemplating on some truths I have encountered recently.

I’ve been happy, disappointed, ambivalent, drunk, asleep, and lonely at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Last night was one of the best NYE’s I’ve ever had. It was simply me and a great friend from school, hanging out at a bar, talking and laughing. I had pushed against my introverted inclinations to stay in and be lonely. There were no expectations except to enjoy the company and watch the crazies. And I found a kindred spirit in my friend <– those are the best days.

I have recently discovered that I tend to think in extremes. If an outcome doesn’t happen according to my lofty expectations, then it’s a complete failure. If someone doesn’t jump up and give me a hug when I walk in the room, it means they can’t stand me and don’t want me around. Etc. So I’m trying to stay in the middle of it all. Be content. And last night was indicative of that. Just enough social interaction for this introvert to be happy but not overwhelmed.

I hope you also had a lovely New Year’s Eve, dear friend 🙂

Happy New Year!






One comment on “An Introvert’s View on New Years

  1. Reblogged this on Melodic Remedies and commented:

    I forgot that I wrote a blog post about New Years last year. Interestingly, I’ve been wrestling with the same issues again this year. Perhaps 2014 will be the year of realistic expectations, inner peace, and contentment. Let’s hope 🙂

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