The Long and Winding Road

tha-at leads to your door… I always think of this song when reflecting on my life.

Heyall. Long time. It’s finals week and this has been the easiest finals week I’ve ever had. I’m one voice jury accompanying gig from being finished. Earlier today, as I was watching the live New York premiere of The Hobbit and eating a frozen pizza, I stopped to take in the moment and appreciate the stresslessness. 🙂

I will now present to you a series of lists.

This semester I:

  • read an entire textbook on the psychology of death and dying
  • accompanied in a french horn recital and a bassoon recital
  • went to the American Music Therapy Association national conference
  • got a part-time job
  • wrote a 15 page literature review about music in war
  • and applied to 2 internship site in Ohio, one of which I already have an interview for

Next semester I plan to:

  • take class entitled “Spirituality in Patient Care”
  • take my first music therapy-centric 600 level graduate course
  • provide volunteer music therapy sessions as part of that course
  • accompany lots and lots of people
  • and hopefully accept one of the internships I’m applying to

Things I am currently excited about:

  • Treating myself to Panda Express tomorrow after the voice jury
  • The Hobbit!!!!!!!!
  • The Hobbit soundtrack!!!!! (I’m following my brother’s lead and not listening to it until I see the movie).
  • Flying home for Christmas and spending 5 days with my family!
  • Possibilities with internships
  • Les Mis!!
  • Almost all of my favorite shows are coming in the spring! Downton Abbey, Project Runway, Call the Midwife

Things I am sad about:

  • John Chester retiring from Classical WETA 90.9
  • Not having class anymore with my friend Greg
  • Accidently reading two significant spoilers for the next season of Downton Abbey 😦

Things I am recently proud of:

  • My research professor telling me that I should try to get my literature review published
  • I finally started seeing a counselor (took a lot of courage)
  • Getting my brother and sister-in-law hooked on Downton Abbey
  • Another semester of (hopefully/expected) straight As
  • The fact that my little nativity scene is next to the vase and pitcher I got in Hebron, and the group photo at the Sea of Galilee.
  • The blanket I finished crocheting after 8 years! (while watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)


I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday and New Year!


Sarah 🙂


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