It just began thunderstorming here in Winchester and I felt the cozy, safe-inside-with-my-coffee instinct to write a blog post about it.

In the past year or so I’ve come to realize that I like rainy days better than sunny days. Okay, wipe the “are you crazy” expression off of your face and listen to my reasons why. First of all, I’m not much of an outdoors person. I’m not a total inside-r. I do love camping and hiking every now and then, but I’m not the kind of person who craves being out in nature.

But my real love of rain and its corresponding attributes (such as lower temperature and lower pressure) has been firmly rooted due to the fact that my car’s air conditioning doesn’t work. Let me rephrase that. My air conditioning works; the button on my console to turn it on is broken and it will take $$$ to fix it, so, no A/C for me. I’ve endured two summers of driving to piano lessons in DC rush hour traffic and several eight hour trips to Ohio and back with the windows down. And y’all know what the last two summers were like. I have grown to HATE hot weather. Not to mention the disproportionate sunburn I get on my left arm and subsequent heat stroke if I don’t drink enough water (which has happened more than once).

But I think there’s a more internal reason why. (Get your serious and introspective caps on friends.) When I mentioned my love of rainy weather to a friend a couple months ago, he wisely responded, “Well, maybe it’s because you like things cozy and rain makes you feel that way.” I think he was right. I do like to feel cozy. I have about 25 blankets next to the couch. I love hot coffee on cold days and savory meals that leave you sleepy and content.

But I think there’s an even more internal reason why I love rain. You wanna hear it? It’s not a cozy reason.

I like rainy days better than sunny days because most of the time I feel like a rainy day, not a sunny day. When a sunny day appears, I don’t identify with it. I’m not a bubbly, cheerful person. I’m often in a less-than-good mood. And 99% of the time, I bring it on myself. I’m an INFJ, and as most INFJs know, we are really hard on ourselves, constantly feeling like we don’t live up to our own expectations. And that’s not always healthy. INFJs are extremely introspective and so we bottle up our insecurities and disappointments, and then unhealthy things, like arrogance and self-importance, often come out as a result. But not always. And I have found healthy ways of expelling the yucky stuff without turning yucky myself. Like prayer, and talking to my closest friends and family. And trying to see myself how God sees me.

I don’t by any means think it’s bad to be melancholy most of the time. I think God purposely made melancholic people just as He purposely made extremely optimistic people. There’s something about really marinating in one’s own proverbial mush. It makes me feel more human. And it actually helps me feel closer to God.

That’s why I like rainy days. Maybe you can identify. Oh, and also, rain cleans everything. And makes things grow and turn more vivid colors. That’s pretty cool too. And it gets rid of pollen. And it washes all the dead bugs off my windshield.


2 comments on “Rain

  1. sarah says:

    hei, sarah (my name also sarah.it’s feel like I call my name)
    May I copy your photo? I like the rain so much.
    (actually i have copied it)

    *my english is not good.but you understand,right?

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