Quick Update!

Greetings! I’ve resurfaced.

Last night, for the first time in months, I got into bed with no anxiety about what had to get done the next day. I took my last final yesterday and finished around 5:30. What a weight off the shoulders! So now I’m sitting at the dealership while my car gets fixed so tomorrow I can drive over the mountains and through the woods to Ohio. My trip home will consist of a Reds game, Mother’s day, seeing all the nieces and nephews, and going to my dear friend Eric’s wedding. So excited! And I’m excited to SLEEP. Like this puppy.

The past few weeks was a blur of music therapy session plans, rehearsals, papers, presentations, practicing, and acting workshops. It was a lot of work and I’m glad it’s over! I have two whole weeks! (yay…) until my summer classes start. Luckily, the big one, Anatomy and Physiology, is online, so I can study at the pool! At the end of June I’ll start taking two graduate level music theory courses. It’s one of those intense five-days-a-week-for-four-weeks deals. Look for ridiculously nerdy music theory tweets.

I may have something pretty exciting coming in August, but I’ll keep you updated.



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