Rite of Passage

I worked on started and finished  a research paper last night. I worked from 5 pm to 5 am without stopping. Somehow, I’m not a ball of sarcasm and snark today. I give God credit for that. Although I did shush the undergrads in class when they were being loud. It was kind of delightful.

I consider my all-nighter a rite of passage. I never pulled one in my undergrad years. I remember classmates being up for HOURS finishing their binders for Music History I. For whatever reason, I never reached that point. Shrug.

But with my crazy accompanying schedule and being sick (see my previous post) I had to push the paper back. The topic of my paper is a comparison of a couple music therapy methods with the music of the Beatles. Once it’s finished (last night was just the rough draft. I know.) and my presentation is done, I’ll condense it to a blog-friendly post. I’m pretty excited about it.

One great thing about sleep deprivation is how funny everything becomes. I got the giggles for 5 minutes sometime in the wee hours because I accidently typed “Teables” instead of “Beatles.” And I kept typing “early ears” instead of “early years.” Oh Microsoft Word, you trickster.

In unrelated news: I have a pretty sweet announcement coming soon. Something to do with music therapy and crossing an item off my life goals list. Stay tuned!

Fact: I edited this post approximately 298 times before publishing. Research class has turned me into a machine. Also, I blame Donald Miller’s blog post about eliminating the use of the word “that.”


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