I’m on vacation!

When I thought of this title it reminded me of “City Slickers“.

Luckily, my vacation is going much better than that. I’ve had a great time in DC the past few days. I got in Wednesday night in a record hour and fifteen minutes! There was no traffic at all. Yay for leaving at 8 pm.

Thursday I went to my old work and saw my former co-workers and clients. It had been about 7 months since I’d been there so it was fun to surprise people and say hi. After that I went to the National Gallery of Art where they were showing a movie called “The Reach of Resonance” which is a documentary about four composers who are really pushing the boundaries of creating music. And coming from a school that had a New Music and Arts Festival every year where I saw a LOT of crazy stuff, I can say that these composers are out there. But I found it extremely fascinating (except for the lady who “created music” from amplifying the frequencies of cockroaches while they walked all over her naked body. uh, yeah, that’s kinda weird…).
I hopped on the metro after that and while I tried to comprehend the movie I just saw, I took a lovely walk to Hillwood Museums and Gardens where my friend MJ just became the registrar! This place was INCREDIBLE. MJ and I had a fantastic dinner after that at a mexican restaurant to finish the night.

Friday started with running a few errands and then heading over to my old ‘hood, Pentagon City. It was a total pamperfest – I got a pedicure, bought new sunglasses, ate at Noodles and Co., and then had a two hour hair appointment. Good thing I’ve done a lot of accompanying because that stuff was expensive! But wow was it nice to take care of myself, it’s been a long long time.
Friday night we went out for Rich’s birthday (my friend’s fiance) at Murphy’s in Old Town. I met some new friends and bonded with old ones – it was great fun!

Today is pretty simple – a baby shower and a worship night at church, followed by who know’s what, considering we will be at Barrack’s Row on St. Patrick’s Day. After church tomorrow I’m hightailing it back to Winchester to gear up for the second half of the craziest semester I’ve ever had.

You know, I didn’t realize that I really needed a break from Winchester, and I really needed to see my old friends, and I really needed to not think about music therapy and accompanying for a couple of days. It’s been really nice.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (skip all the way to 8:25)


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