How can I NOT write a post about Davy Jones?

Sad news rolled around Wednesday afternoon when the world found out that Davy Jones died of a heart attack. Usually when an aging pop star dies I read the articles about their life, watch interviews, and move on.

But with Davy, I was heartbroken.

Those clips they were showing on the morning news shows of the opening credits of the show, the music videos, the screen tests, the segments from the movie “Head” – those images and sound bytes have been implanted in my brain for more than 20 years. I have the opening credits of the show memorized. I could tell you what episode a clip was from and the songs that were debuted in that episode.

I’ve known the Monkees since before I can remember. When I was little Monkees episodes were airing on Nick at Nite. My brothers and I were too young to stay up to watch the show, so we set the VCR to tape the episodes. We ended up with several VHS tapes chock full of Monkees episodes. And we (at least I) watched them over and over again.

When I got a little older, my brother and I discovered that our library had the Monkee movie “Head” in their collection of movies. (Ben and I still think the Sidney Library has the best selection of movies out of any library in the entire world.) “Head” is a really crazy movie. It was co-written by Jack Nicholson. It was a total flop, but my brother and I think it’s genius.

I LOVE the Monkees. And friends who have known me any of the past 10 years know that I am a Monkees fanatic. I love their music, I love the show, I’m a huge advocate for their rights as true musicians and entertainers. I have both seasons of their show on DVD. I have a poster of them. It’s actually on my life goal list to meet one of them in person. Sadly, that won’t be Davy 😦

I am SO grateful that I got to see the Monkees in concert during their tour last summer. My friends and I were some of the youngest people there, but I was proud of the fact that out of a three hour show, there were only 2 songs that I didn’t know.

Davy was nineteen when the show started in 1966. Admittedly, he was never my favorite. My favorite Monkee will always be Mike. Nevertheless, I loved him!

The Monkees were one of those wonderful, nostalgic worlds inside my little elementary school world. Thanks Davy for your smile and for enriching my childhood.


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