One Question

One of the classes I took last semester was an introductory special education course. It’s required in my music therapy curriculum for the field of developmental disabilities, a field where music therapy has proven to be very effective. One night in November, instead of having class, we had the privilege of going to the local cinema and watching a series of short films about (and in some cases, made by) people with developmental disabilities. The group of films was compiled by a company called Sprout. Their website is

I didn’t really grow up around people with developmental disabilities. There were instances here and there, but nothing long term. I’ve learned a lot in my classes and have a greater understanding and appreciation for people with developmental disabilities and their loved ones. One short film in particular really impacted me. So much so that I bought the download from Sproutflix because I think it’s a film that’s worth having around.

It’s called One Question and once you watch it there’s really no explanation needed about it’s message. The film is beautiful and humbling.

At first I wanted to embed the video here. Unfortunately my free blog won’t allow it unless I start paying. BUT, I just found out that Sprout is streaming the film for free for 7 days so you can watch it HERE. Please take the time, it’s only 7 minutes.


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