I made the mistake of watching Notting Hill this  morning and it’s reawakened my desire to move to London. What a ridiculous idea that is. 

I’ve only been to London once, on a trip in 2001. We were there for three days and stayed in a bed and breakfast/hotel that was in the middle of one of London’s picturesque villages with winding streets, tiny cars, gardens with fountains, and basement flats with a cat in the windowsill. I know London isn’t the romantic dream world it appears to be in movies like Love Actually and any other Hugh Grant film ever made. But I still have this wish to live there. Odd.

There are several things that would make it very difficult to live in London: I’m not British so I’d have to get a work visa. It’s incredibly expensive. I’ve heard British people are not very friendly to Americans. And something I realized last fall, music therapists need to know the culture and background of the people they are working with, so not growing up in England, even save for my love of the Beatles, wouldn’t make me a good music therapist in London.

This desire to move to London is connected to another recent small obsession, which is the idea of living in a cute, small, minimalist, modern apartment. There is a website I discovered a few months ago that I finally added to my bookmarks today. It has really cute ideas. I’ve also been fascinated with the tiny house movement, although I don’t know if I could get that minimal. Plus, where could you fit a piano?

I’m not sure why I’ve been so preoccupied with this apartment stuff. Maybe because I’m in a transient time in my life. I’m in school. I’m not going to stay where I am, but I’m here for another year at least. I can’t afford to buy anything so I’m trying to be thrifty and crafty with decorating. I’m maturing to a point where I want to set roots but I can’t yet. And I’m kind of sick of how much stuff I have.

So, London? Probably not. I claim special significance to England as a whole though, since my roots are from there. My namesake is a village smack dab in the middle of the country. Ah, well. I guess Hugh Grant movies will have to do until I can scrape up the money to get a plane ticket and visit again.


One comment on “London

  1. My housemate in DC loved London too – so when she was in grad school she applied to do a semester abroad and she got to attend Oxford – lived there for four months and came back even more obsessed with the city! You should try to go, no matter what. 🙂

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