In the throes…

Quick update.

Today was the first day in grad school where I thought that I might have to go to extreme measures to get all of my assignments done on time. AKA – lose a significant amount of sleep. It may happen. It’s my fault – I’ve known about my open book final exam in Abnormal Psychology for weeks but chose to ignore it to work on more urgent things. Now I’m racing against time to finish what turns out to be a frightfully long exam that includes several case studies and 2 short papers. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the open-book-ness. But now I’m here, two days before it’s due, swimming in the depths of music therapy assignments; I must get out of the water, go back, and do the bicycle portion of the triathlon (the longest final exam in the world).  The running portion is (obviously) practicing my ever-growing pile of accompanying music, in case you were wondering. That was a really stupid metaphor.  But there it is, as Emma Thompson would say.

Thankfully I don’t have orchestra rehearsal tonight! So, in pictures, this is what my evening (and tomorrow evening) will look like:

this task not possible without caffeine.

staring and staring at my mackie bookie.

Oh, and just in case you were curious, when I am working on comprehension or answering questions or some kind of assignment like that, my Pandora radio station of choice is “Frank Sinatra”. If it’s more pulling actual real coherent ideas out of my brain and taking forever to translate them into words that sound smart and fluent (in other words, a paper) I can’t listen to music with words. It’s either my “Brahms” Pandora station or good old Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings.

And before you I judge me for doing a blog post while I should be studying – I already completed three assignments today, went to two classes, one voice lesson, and practiced for an hour.


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