grad school – one month in

1. Course content is learned – 20% in class, 10% explanations from classmates, and 70% from reading the text.

2. Any time not studying- morning, afternoon, evening, late evening, early morning, lunch, weekends, the 5 minutes between activity A and B – I’m procrastinating.

3. Yes, this blog post is me procrastinating.

4. Everything I read, hear, and see amazingly and ironically connects to music therapy.

5. There’s always something I could be reading.

6. I have a whole new appreciation for coffee.

7. As soon as I think I’m caught up on assignments…

8. Practicing piano is a respite instead of a chore.

9. I am now a master at straight and even highlighting.

10. APA format will be the death of me.


One comment on “grad school – one month in

  1. I have loved reading your posts! I think I will live vicariously through you so I don’t have to endure grad school but I can see what it is like… 🙂 So proud of you girl – and yay for lots of coffee!

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