Proof that we all lead boring lives…

I’m under the impression that an earthquake isn’t a big deal if you have to check twitter right away to make sure that’s what that was.

On the other hand, it was quite fun!  I was standing in my new bedroom surrounded by all of my stuff in boxes when everything began to shake and sway.  I have a distinct visual of the pullstring on my lamp doing a dance.  My first thought was “What kind of flimsy foundation is this apartment standing on???”  It’s a little ironic to experience an earthquake the day you move into a new apartment.  Is this place made of particle board or something?  Did a truck just hit the side of the building?  Then I peeked out the window and saw someone across the parking lot looking around from their balcony.  Aha.

So in the spirit of everyone else probably writing a blog about this earth(yawn)quake, here are some things I observed in my little head.

1. God is going “seriously?”  I can move a stinking mountain if you ask.

2. The freshman moving into the dorms on Shenandoah’s campus today are probably freaking out, hahahahahahaha.

3. Wow, the earth is HUGE and has a mind of its own and there’s nothing we can do about it.

4. I got more texts in 30 minutes than I ever have on my birthday.  Kinda makes you feel special when the epicenter is in your state 🙂  (Sorry for the delayed response, friends and family who checked on me, apparently Verizon can’t handle activity when there is a minor natural disaster.)

5. I am SO GLAD I’m not in DC right now.  I can’t/can believe they sent everyone home.  It reminds me of that freak storm back in January where they sent everyone home before the trucks could pave and salt the roads and people spent up to 12 hours on GW Parkway.  Stay cool everyone who has to walk because of the traffic.  And be nice to others on the metro.  Everyone is in the same boat.

6. I think I’ll make some coffee, I’m getting pretty tired and I have so much unpacking left to do. (Oh, sorry, that wasn’t earthquake related…)

7. If we’re all reacting like this, what in the world was it like for the people in Japan in March or Haiti last January?


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