Cup of pens

Peeking out from behind my mac  is this cup of pens.  I have been carting around this cup of pens since summer of 2007.  I know this because the cup belonged to my dad, but he forgot it when he brought me back to DC in the summer of 2007.  Somehow it turned into my pen cup.  I remember getting a lot of the pens and pencils in this cup.  I have no idea where others came from.  There’s a black and white musical notes pencil, typical gift for me.  Lots of unsharpened pencils because who owns a pencil sharpener?  Gel pens back from when everyone used gel pens.  Pens that have run out of ink but I keep putting back in the cup.  And my favorite – a carrot pen in the middle – that was swag I got from my old boss who had a whole bag of crap from some conference he went to.  I had a broccoli pen too but I don’t know where that went.  And of course a Sharpie.  Everyone needs at least one Sharpie to be cool.

Also, the lamp in the picture was the one mentioned in my last post in which the pullstring did a dance.

What a silly post this is 🙂


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