Well That Didn’t Take Long

If you know me personally you know that I tend to be busy, all the time.  It’s usually all or nothing.  If you wonder where I get it, take a peek at my family and you’ll see we are all so busy it’s a miracle we can even get together for holidays once or twice a year.

TWO DAYS AGO I wrote a post about how my transition here is hard and a little lonely.  Poor me.  Well, not to worry because somehow this week got really busy really fast.  And I LOVE it.  Let’s get it started!

Today I moved the majority of my stuff out of my current apartment to my new one.  Long story short, I found a better place and within 5 days of seeing the ad on craigslist I signed the lease.  Three words.  Washer and dryer.  There are other awesome amenities as well, like central air, and my own bathroom!!!  And it’s only a little more expensive than where I was all summer.  Movers will bring my furniture and boxes tomorrow, so this afternoon will consist of trying to organize what’s here and then going back to the old place to get everything ready for the movers.  And then it’s good-bye old apartment!  I know I wrote a poignant post a couple months ago about that apartment, but, come on, a washer and dryer.

Tomorrow after the movers I have to run to campus to get my ID (helloooo discount movie tickets) and parking pass.  (Aside: all of the incoming undergrads will be moving into the dorms tomorrow and I just have to say that while I loved my time in the dorms at BG, I am SO GLAD I don’t have to go through that again!!!).  I then have a meeting scheduled with the head of the musical theater department to discuss some accompanying opportunities. Woot!

My abnormal psychology class, which I am taking at a nearby community college to save money, is having its first class on Wednesday and I have an assignment due and then I have graduate orientation at SU after that.  And on Friday, I signed up for a slot to audition for the piano position for the SU orchestra because they are doing some works this year that have piano.  I’m pretty rusty but hopefully I’ll have some time on Wednesday and Thursday to practice my Brahms (go-to audition piece) and my sightreading.  I don’t think I’ll be the best one auditioning by a long shot, but I might as well take the opportunity.

Oh, and sometime during all that I need to unpack…

In the words of my friend Jenilee, “oh heyyyyy busy life!”  I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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