Ohio Road Trip Post #2

I’ve been in my hometown for a week and a half and I’m leaving tomorrow so I thought I’d give a quick update.

My hometown is so very much small town USA.  After living in a big city for 5 years, it always felt like going back in time whenever I came to visit.  Or rather slowing time down.  Houses are further apart from each other, people drive under the speed limit, everybody knows everybody, and nobody leaves.  Usually that would bother me and I would look down on it all, but after being here with no agenda (no holidays or short 3-day trips) I’ve come to appreciate some of these things.  I ran into a couple old classmates and said hi to everyone at my home church.  I went to the county fair and the community band concert.  I welcome the slow pace right now, since it will pick up a lot in about a month.

It’s been nice seeing my parents.  It’s so different from being home for 48 hours and seeing my entire family in a short amount of time.  I’ve been able to sleep a good amount and get a lot of good home cooking! I finished my summer class last night when I took my final exam.  This afternoon I went to the nearest movie theater (there isn’t one in my hometown) and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 for the second time.  It was SO much better the second time, without all the midnight premiere crazies.  I then met my mom at Kohl’s and got a few things.  Now we’re going to have a cookout before I head to my brother’s for a good week and a half.  The first thing we’re doing is going camping and I’m excited about that!

I’m feeling pretty anxious about starting school. I have an official .edu email address and am starting to get emails about school.  Classes start 3 weeks from Monday.  I’m excited and wary.  Ready to get started and scared about what that might mean.  Lately I’ve had to constantly remind myself that a year and a half ago I was determined to take this path and I know that God is leading me.  But every decision has its doubts.

Til next time! Stay cool!


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