Ohio Road Trip Post #1

It’s hot.  Just like everywhere else.  But luckily I’ve spent most of my first week in Ohio inside playing with my niece and nephew!  Reese is almost 3 and Haden is 5 weeks!  It’s been so much fun being Aunt Sarah and playing with them.  Reese is in the stage where she says really funny things that often don’t make sense.  She has a good imagination and imitates well.  She does have her moments, but they only make me wonder how bad I was as a 2 year old.

Haden is so sweet and beautiful.  He has big eyes that he rolls around trying to take everything in.  When I first met him I kept commenting on how little he is, although he’s already grown so much since he was born.  I was fortunate to be there and witness him smile for the very first time!  I’ve been able to hold him a lot and there’s nothing more peaceful and soothing than holding a sleeping baby.  Baby therapy.

It’s been great hanging out with my brother and sister-in-law.  It’s been years since I’ve spent this much time with them and I love just having the hours pass, not doing anything big or exciting.  The most memorable moments always happen when you least expect them to.  I got my guitar out yesterday and Reese ran and got her ukulele (which she calls a ki-ka-lele).  When I told her my guitar’s name is Charlie, she said her guitar had a name too.  When I asked her what her guitar’s name was she said “Zippytoo!” and her mom gave me a look that said “I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff!”.

It’s been a great few days with them, being in a home and a family when I have been away from family for a long time and really without a home for the last month.  My sense of identity and groundedness is completely out the window right now, so it’s good to be tied down to something familiar.

Tonight I drive to Dad’s in Sidney and I’m excited to see them and their dog!  We are going camping this weekend, something I am really excited about!  My goal is to read my Bible (I’ve been horrible about it) and some of the books I brought.  My parents also have something at their house that I am dying to see: a grand piano.  I have so much pent-up anxiety and stress from the last month that I need to release.  My guitar has been an okay alternate, but I NEED to play the piano to feel a little bit better.  I brought a couple things to work on – Chopin and Schumann.  Let’s hope they can provide my much needed music therapy.

Cheers and stay cool!


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