Driving to Ohio

Dear Hillsong, Switchfoot, Gungor, Adele, and Jars of Clay: Thank you for getting me through 7 hours of driving in an un-airconditioned car by myself.

Dear Sarah: You need to break the bad habit of forgetting to label your CDs.

Dear Max (my car): Good job on getting up all the hills in West Virginia!  You did a lot better than last time.

Dear steering wheel: Thanks for serving as a fake keyboard for me to play on the songs I love.

Dear windshield wipers: You suck!  I need new ones.  My windshield is a bug graveyard.

Dear Maryland and West Virginia landscape: You look like Fangorn Forest, do you know that?

Dear line leader in the left lane: As the first car, it is your responsibility to gun it in order to get by the truck in the right lane.  Otherwise it takes 30 minutes for all of us to get by him.  Be a team player.

Dear random guy at the gas station: I’ve never seen anyone do what you did.  When we were both in line with a drink and a snack and realized there was a $5 limit for credit cards, you paid for my stuff instead of both of us having to find more things to buy.  That was really nice, thanks!


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