Welcome to Crazytown!

My first post of crazytown is about my psychology class that started TODAY online.  Thank you Patrick Henry Community College.  I found out 3 weeks ago that I had to take Intro to Psychology in order to start my music therapy-related psychology courses in the fall.  I drove home that day with that feeling you get when you know you have to accomplish something in very little time and you have no idea how to do it.  But I did it!  I was told to pick any random Virginia community college that offered the course online.  So after some narrowing down, I did, but still wasn’t sure how to register, so guess what?  Mom, I’m getting better at calling people!  They’re quite helpful, it turns out, when you have simple questions.  So Miss Reynolds, thank you for your help in getting me registered.  I’m lovingly calling my class Intro to Psycho because that’s how I felt after looking Blackboard last night when my instructor posted everything.

My instructor’s name is Angela Hairston-Niblett which is awesome.  Ha.  Hairston-Niblett.  The class is basically a set of 4 modules, to be completed every 2 weeks (it’s a 10 week class tho…)  There are reading assignments, self-assessment quizzes, discussion boards (that you have to write on 2-3 times a week if you want extra credit) and the FOUR TESTS.  Dun dun DUHHHH.

I’m feeling that “getting things done as quickly and efficiently as possible while actually learning stuff” is going to be the only successful approach, with my loaded five-color coded Google Calendar looming over me –  i.e., don’t procrastinate.  Which is pretty much the anti-me.  I’m a fantastic procrastinator.  Maybe this class will break me of that? It’s hard to go back to a classroom mindset after being out of it for so long.  I feel like I have to go sweep away cobwebs and insert new batteries on parts of my brain that have not been utilized in 6 years.  Even if it’s a simple intro class.  Still hard!

I did have a freak out moment this morning when I scrolled down on the first page (which I must have missed last night) and it said very clearly in RED LETTERS that Test 2 and Test 4 (final exam) were to be taken at the testing center and proctored.


Patrick Henry Community College is in Martinsville, VA.  5 hours from DC.  Which means it’s 13 hours from Ohio, where I’ll be when it’s time to take the final.  I started thinking quickly about options (stay in DC? does a train go there? bribe the instructor?) while really thinking  “this is impossible.  How the heck is this going to work???”

Then I saw a link about student/proctor agreement something or other and feverishly clicked on it to find that, praise Jesus, you can simply have someone proctor the exam for you.  They just have to be a teacher or other education-y professional that you’re not related to.  Sigh no more.

Cray. Zee. Town.  Here we go!


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