When It’s Time to Change You’ve Got to Rearrange

Who ya are into whatchur gonna be!  Na-na-na na-na na na-na na!

Hello 10 people who read my blog!  I have a lot of updates, most of which you probably already know about because I’m guessing the only people who read my blog are people who I talk to everyday…but….just in case!

I’m about to enter into one of those times in my life where the only things that will stay the same are my email address, my phone number, the key to my mom’s house in Ohio, and God.  Everything else is changing.  Luckily, these changes are happening because I want them to!  The driving force is that I have been accepted to grad school.  To most effectively show the scale of metamorphosis, I’ll show you my schedule from this past April through August:

April 28 – Accepted to Shenandoah University (Music Therapy, 2 year program)

May 23 – Start prerequisite class online (first class I’ve taken in 6 years)

 June 12 – Piano Recital (my second and final large recital for my piano students.  This is the last event for my piano studio which I inadvertently started in July of 2007.  *sad*)

June 17 – Last day of work (where I’ve been since April 2009)

June 18-23 – Move to Winchester (and help my roomie of 3 years and BFF move to her new apartment)

June 24- July 5 – Mission trip to South Africa (http://nccsouthafrica2011.wordpress.com/)

July 6 – 17 – Back and forth between DC and Winchester (Settling in, seeing friends, Harry Potter 8!!!)

July 17 – mid-August – visiting family in Ohio (to clock in some much needed aunt/sister/daughter time. I think I’ve been home a total of maybe 20 days in the last 3 years [see photo].  And I will have a new niece or nephew to coo over!!!)

August 29 – first day of class.

I’m excited, scared, overwhelmed, and at peace all at the same time.  The scary things are to be expected – finances, meeting new people, adjusting to school after being out for 6 years.  But – as Pastor Mark said – if your dreams scare you a little, they’re probably from God.  I’m excited for a simpler, albeit demanding, lifestyle. I’m excited to see where God is taking me!

I hope when I get to school this blog will become more focused and I’ll be able to empart knowledge that I learn about music therapy.  Which is why I changed the name to “Melodic Remedies” a while back.  I’m hoping to be able to blog a LOT more consistently as well.  I can’t wait for my life to slow down.  And also, to wear jeans everyday.


3 comments on “When It’s Time to Change You’ve Got to Rearrange

  1. Katie Cox says:

    Sarah I am so excited for you and a little jealous that you get to wear jeans everyday before I do 😉 I am excited to keep folowing your blog and read about all the things that you learn during the next couple of years! Best of luck with the upcoming crazy summer.

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