2010 reflection – the year of concerts

In a sermon recently, our pastor talked about how, for a study, a group of people older than 100 were asked how they wished they would have lived their life.  Many of them said “reflect more.”  I completely agree.  So here is a reflection of my 2010.  (Thanks to Facebook I can recollect what happened!)


2010 began pretty quietly.  Same job, same piano lessons, same church, same apartment.  Constancy is nice.  Saw Switchfoot in concert – my favorite band.  They always do an amazing show.  After the earthquake in Haiti, I spent hours reading updates from my missionary family in Port-au-Paix.  Saw Emanuel Ax play Beethoven’s 2nd piano concerto at the Kennedy Center.  Did a Lord of the Rings marathon with Andy Pisciotti.  Played on the worship team at the NCC Leadership Retreat after 2 epics nights of rehearsals with no sleep (and no sleep apparently = I can play like Norah Jones.)


SNOWMAGEDDON.  7 days of making food for our friends at the River House.  And DC shut down.  The Bible reading plan at NCC started on Ash Wednesday and I also gave up Facebook for Lent.  Started preparing more for my Israel trip that was happening at the end of April.  Taught a lot of lessons.


Played background music for a bar mitzvah party – that was a first.  Got to see a Shabbat ceremony as well.  With the Israel trip coming up and my daily exposure to Jewish culture, I became really interested in it all.  I love the traditions and the food is good!  I successfully held my first big recital for my students!  It was held at a Synagogue in Chevy Chase where 15 of my students played.  I had boutineers, the families brought (uber-kosher) food and I even hired a photographer.  I was so proud of them!


I honestly don’t remember much from April.  Israel was pretty much on my mind at that point.  I’m guessing it was more of the same – work, piano lessons, church, hanging out with friends on the weekends.  My brother John came to visit my church!  I went home for Easter and got to play at my home church with my old piano teacher. (Old as in former, not old)  On April 29 I left with 25 other NCCers from Dulles for Tel Aviv via London.  We all hoped that the ash cloud out of Iceland wouldn’t mess up our flight.


ISRAEL!  I spend the first 10 days of May in Israel and Palestine and it was an amazing, life-changing trip.  Had some great experiences with fellow travelers and had time to reflect on my life and where I was headed.  I made the decision to go back to school for music therapy on that trip.  When we got back we posted approximately 208 billion photos on Facebook on the trip and every single picture I was tagged in was of me and Mark Armstrong leading worship – with the yellow folder.  My brother Ben and his family came for a fantastic visit in the HEAT on Memorial Day weekend.


My piano lessons dwindled a bit for the summer – a nice break.  I saw the NSO perform Rimsky-Korsokov’s Schaherazade and Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring.  And in the same weekend I saw Riverdance.  Realized that fixing my A/C in my car would be too expensive and resigned to the fact that I would have to go through the HOTTEST SUMMER EVER with no air conditioning.  I went home for a whirlwind weekend for my Mom’s 60th birthday.  We were supposed to all camp out in the backyard, but a huge storm blew in the first night and my entire family ended up sleeping in the house.  Good times.  I also played a gig with Steph Modder at Ebenezers!


Lori and I made a last minute road trip to the beach at Ocean City!  So. much. fun.  And came back in time for a fun 4th of July with friends.  I got to be in a great Bible study in June and July – great conversations!  I started this blog!  I saw Mamma Mia at Wolftrap.  Went to see the Legwarmers in Falls Church.  Great concert! Went to Kurtis Parks’ album release party.  Another great concert!   Watched some good friends get baptized at Baptism by the Bay.  My mom came to visit and we went northwest to visit Shenandoah University!


A month off from teaching!!  Woot.  I spent a lot of time up on the roof playing guitar.  Saw High Street Hymns play at Ebz – loved them.  Went to a nature reserve with Mark Armstrong!  Accompanied the brilliant Genevieve Williams in a concert at Ebz.  Spent a lot of time at the pool.


Was part of the launch team for the Potomac Yard location at NCC!  Went to Beatlemania concert at National Harbor and was extremely disappointed – but still had a good time!  Started teaching again (sort of, lots of High Holidays in September.)  Saw Robbie Seay Band in concert!  Awesome!  And celebrated my birthday 🙂


Saw the NSO perform Beethoven’s 9th (Bday present from the roomie!)  Went to Joy and Mike’s beautiful wedding.  Saw Lifehouse in concert.  Good show!  Wedding reception for Chris and Jenn.  Fun times.  Went to the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear!!!!  So much fun.


Saw my first DMB concert with Mark in Philly.  Went home to play a concert with my family.  Saw Harry Potter 7.1.  Awesome movie.  Had a fun Thanksgiving with Kurtis and Sarah Parks’ family and with Mark Armstrong!


Saw the NSO with Molly Gill!  Saw my first silent movie with live music at the National Gallery of Art.  So cool.  Went to a bunch of Christmas parties.  Went home for a great relaxing Christmas.  Saw my final show of the year – Oklahoma! at Arena Stage with Geoff.  Ended the year with a nice, chill New Year’s Eve party.

No wonder I’m so tired.


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