I just compared 80’s Music with Scripture.

Since it’s Saturday morning, this post is going to be easy peasy.  I’m going to break from scriptural revelations and compare scripture to 80’s music.


Last night, I went with some friends to see The Legwarmers, an 80’s cover band.  They were all around amazing.  They were excellent musicians, playing every lick and guitar solo with precision.  They had a total 80’s look and they had so much energy; they were a lot of fun to watch.  I had a blast.  They played the biggest hits of the 80’s, and some I didn’t even know.  (I felt like I had failed to live up to my reputation that I heart 80’s music.)

It was packed and almost all of us there were dancing and rocking out the whole time, singing the words at the top of our lungs.  What I thought was interesting, though, is that different people got excited about different songs.  I definitely had some songs that I screamed louder for when they started playing them.  My friend Colin had 4 specific songs he wanted them to play – they played 3, not too bad.  Depending on life experiences, different songs meant different things to people.  Wanna hear my stories??

1. It’s the End of the World As We Know It – REM

This song was a big deal to me because it took me back to church camp.  Yep.  I went to a Christian camp  9 years in a row, and every year we had a dance.  It was one of my favorite nights of the camp every year, because it wasn’t like dances in middle/high school.  People wore their grungiest clothes because it got so hot from everybody dancing like crazy for 2 hours.  Someone was in charge of making the playlist (this was before iTunes, so we made tapes and mix CD’s!) but the rule was that the last song had to be It’s the End of the World As We Know It by REM.  I don’t know how that tradition got started, but it happened every year, and during the chorus we’d all jump to the beat as high as we could until the bottoms of our feet hurt from the concrete floor.  Good times, Tar Hollow, good times.

2. The Final Countdown – Europe

This story is ridiculous.  I spent two summer during college at The Huron Playhouse, doing musical theater with 50 other theater crazies.  We did 5 different shows in 8 weeks.  It was intense rehearsal and a very quick production schedule.  We lived in a bubble and didn’t really see the outside world in those two months.  The first summer I was there was the summer of 2003.  Harry Potter had pretty much exploded at this point, and considering the company I was in, I wasn’t the only one who was into it.  Toward the end of the summer we all started getting stir crazy and sick of each other, so someone decided to create a diversion and sort everybody into houses, Hogwarts style.  Somehow I ended up in Slytherin (I still resent that.)  Because we had a scene shop and costume shop at our disposal, capes and wands and other wizardly things were made, and we wore them, all day.  And then, one Sunday afternoon, we played Quidditch.  Each house had a team, and we dressed according to our House colors, complete with knee high socks, bandanas, and face paint.  I won’t explain how we ended up playing Quidditch without brooms, but this is where the song comes in.  Before the championship game was played, someone drove their car out to the field, opened all the doors, and played…guess.  The Final Countdown will forever in my memory be the anthem for the greatest Quidditch game ever played by muggles.  (That was the nerdiest thing I’ve ever said).

2b. The Final Countdown will also be significant to me because when I took Counterpoint in college (the class where you learn how to write canons and fugues and inventions) our professor, Dr. Broman used the synthesizer theme from the song as an example of how not to write a theme for a fugue.  (Okay, maybe that was the nerdiest thing I’ve ever said.)

3. Hurt So Good – John Mellencamp/Footloose – Kenny Loggins

This one is easy.  Footloose is in my top 10 favorite movies.  I grew up watching this movie and as a result, Kevin Bacon has always been one of my favorite actors.  This movie has one of the best soundtracks from the 80’s.  And the dance scenes in the movie are epic.  Where else can you see Chris Penn learn how to dance?  Or the scene where they go to the bar across the state lines?  And, without a doubt, the prom scene at the end is my favorite.  Kevin Bacon jumping down the stairs yelling “Hey hey hey, what’s this sightseeing? I thought this was a party!  Let’s daaaaaaance!”  I’m not ashamed to say I spent a few hours in my childhood learning the moves from that last scene.  I never get tired of the song.  It has a great beat, it’s easy to dance to.  Good job, Kenny Loggins.

These are all….interesting stories, Sarah, but I thought you mentioned scripture at the beginning of this post?

Right, sorry, got carried away with Kevin Bacon…I was thinking about how different songs move different people while I was at the concert, and this analogy popped in my head.  How the idea of different songs being meaningful to different people is kind of (kind of) like how different passages of scripture are meaningful to different people.  Think to the verses that you easily have memorized.  There’s a reason you know those better than others.  Was it a sermon?  Church camp?  A Bible study that rocked your world?  Maybe it was God alone that imprinted that verse on your heart.

I love how God created us all so uniquely.  Not one of us has the same perspective as the other.  Think of how much we can learn from each other just from our different life experiences.  Don’t hold in your stories.  Tell people!  God sees the creativity and passion in all of us, He wants us to share with others so we can all grow and be enriched!  What are your stories?

And one last thing.  I mentioned that we were all rocking out and singing at the top of our lungs last night.  Everyone was jumping and laughing and sweating.  Compare that to how you worship God.  Should it be the other way around?


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