Blogs I Read

I am a Google girl.  There’s so many fun one-or-the-other “sides” you can take in life, and people are proud of their choices.  I’m a Mac (not PC), Google (not Yahoo), Facebook (not MySpace), Harry Potter (not Twilight), Keira Knightley Pride & Prejudice (not the 6 hour BBC version) girl.

I think one of Google’s best features so far is Google Reader.  Basically, Google Reader enables you to “subscribe” to any blogs you read and they will put them all in one long line of reading for you, in real time.  Genius!  I have to give credit to my best friend for introducing it to me.  One of my favorite things to do before starting work every morning is opening up Google Reader and having 6-10 blog posts to read.  Coming back from the weekend and I’ll have more like 22-25.  When I came back from Israel I think I had 89.

I’ve tried to be very strategic about the blogs that I read.  I don’t want to read anything that is wasteful of my time, or condescending or unnecessarily mean or sarcastic.  Almost all of the blogs I read are written by writers who have very fresh perspectives on how to do life and church in this age and culture.   It’s so enriching.  I feel like every morning (and throughout the day) I get a healthy dose of good insight, good questions, and often conviction about my own life.  Also, most of these writers are funny.  It’s taken a long time for Christian humor to get off of the corny train and actually be quality humor.  Alongside these writers I read posts from my friends and a couple of my brothers.

Since I just started this blog, I thought I’d share some of the blogs that I read on a daily basis, and that more than likely influence what and how I write.  If I had to pick a top three they would be:  1. Donald Miller.  2. Jon Acuff and 3. Jason Boyett.  Check some of these out!

Don Miller –

Jason Boyett –

Megan Roggendorff – (my friend Megan has a hilarious blog about her life in general and as a new mom)

John Chilcote – (my brother John’s blog)

Ben Chilcote – (my brother Ben’s blog)

Rachel Held Evans –

Tobi Benton – (my dear friend and mentor with whom I went to Israel with)

Carlos Whittaker –

Ruhiyyih McBradaigh – (my friend Ruhiyyih has good posts on being frugal and good food!)

Jon Acuff –

Mark Batterson – (my pastor, of National Community Church)

Heather Zempel – (our Discipleship pastor at NCC)



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