Two months ago, I went to Israel.  I went with 23 other people from my church.  It was a great time, not to mention life-changing.  I kept a journal while I was there, and since a lot of it is actually documenting what we did and not necessarily anything I wouldn’t feel like sharing it, I’ve decided to post what I wrote.  (This will also help me get into a habit of posting frequently, hopefully.)  This first entries were written on our first day, so no pictures.  But the posts following will have pictures taken on my Nikon D3000.  Hope you enjoy!

Friday April 30  2:13 pm Israel time, 12:13 pm London time, 7:14 am DC time

Really, though, I have no concept of time.  Right now I’ve had a very very long day with little sleep.  Times like these it’s best I keep quiet, lest I say something snarky that I will regret.  The traveling (minus the lack of sleep) has been great.  I’ve been able to talk to a number of people on the trip.  I had a great conversation with Tobi last night.  We both talked about a few things in our past.  I was reading in our packet about culture shock and I think it explains a lot of emotions I have felt in the past on trips and different adventures.  I hope culture shock doesn’t hit me too hard here.  I don’t want me to get in the way of myself on this journey.  This trip is about experiencing God.

Right now I feel extremely tired and oily.  I pray that I can push through and get a miraculous night’s sleep.

April 30 6:41 pm Israel Time, White Sisters Hospice

I was able to sleep on the plane, thank you Lord.  I have no idea how long I slept but it was nice.  I missed brunch but I didn’t feel like eating again.  I sat next to two ladies in their eighties.  I found out that they were Team Canada for the International Lawn Bowling For the Blind Tournament.  One was blind and the other was the coach.  the flight landed and I told the woman I hope they win!  We got off the plane and prepared ourselves for customs.  Customs was a breeze.  There was no line.  I walked up to the officer.  He looked at my passport, studied me, asked if I was in a group, and how many nights I was staying.  That was it.  Then we got our luggage and got on the bus.  The ride to the hospice was very scenic.  The street signs here look similar to the US, except for the Hebrew.  There were a lot of the light sandstone looking buildings and houses.  We’d go around the corner and pass through a huge valley, with buildings and structures on every level.  The congestion of the Old City reminded me of Haiti.  I love seeing the diversity of people.  We brought our bags in, sat in the salon with a glass of lemonade, and received instructions from the nuns.  I was put in a room with Tobi, yay!  The rooms are very cute.  Two twin beds with nightstands, two desks, a wardrobe with shelves, and a nice bathroom.  All for just the two of us!  Very nice.  Its so nice to have a BED and to know I will sleep horizontally for the first time in 24 hours.  We are about to go down for dinner and orientation.  It was nice to wash my face, brush my teth, and change clothes.

I feel still pretty tired, and hungry.  I’m excited for dinner I hope to have some good prayer time tonight with the Lord.  Will I feel closer to Him being here?


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